The Grump Who Stole Summer is LIVE!

A grumpy bookstore recluse. A vibrant carefree socialite.

The second chance neither of them saw coming…

The Grump Who Stole Summer is 2.99 for a limited time or free with kindle unlimited





I never meant to hurt her.

Okay, so that might be a lie. The truth is, I just… panicked.

My soul died when I was fourteen, and there was no reviving it. But when the one person who’d tried made headlines, got dumped by her Ivy League college, and was forced to work in my bookstore, I began to wonder if I needed it when my heart beat faster at just the sight of her.

I began to wonder if I’d been wrong to push her away three years ago, and if she was as I’d hoped and feared—different. If maybe, she could truly accept a guy like me.

All of me. Every vile, cruel, tattered piece.

First, I had to find out a few things.

Would she still smile and laugh when I said something acidic?

Would she still melt beneath the pads of my inexperienced fingers?

Did she still want me as much as I wanted her?

And finally, could she ever forgive an undeserving prick like me?

Something told me I’d regret not finding out.

Told in dual POV, The Grump Who Stole Summer is a full-length standalone, enemies to lovers second chance romance.

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