THIS IS EVERYTHING I WANT IN A BOOK. It’s passionate, it’s wicked, it’s sexy, it’s intense, it’s fast-paced, and heart-stopping and magical and creative and DOWN RIGHT ADDICTING. I’m so hungover right now. – Angie, Angie and Jessica’s Dreamy Reads


I’d never been kissed like that before. I never knew such tenderness could feel so vicious, as though it might just casually stroll in and lay something vital inside you to waste… 





When marrying your enemy is only the beginning… 

Once upon a time, there lived a princess so cruel that even her husband tried to destroy her. The results left her without a father, her husband without a memory, and herself as queen to a kingdom on the cusp of war.

Even so, after learning of her treasonous husband’s upcoming nuptials, she set out to find him and locked him in her dungeon. There, and only there, would she unveil a time when she once allowed herself to be vulnerable. A past detailing how her heart was coaxed to beat outside her chest, only to have it crushed by the cold hands of betrayal.

But true vengeance will need to wait. War is coming, and with it, decisions and danger masked in treacherous beauty.

All too soon, the young queen will learn that time could be the most dangerous foe of all. For it is time that would reveal all the ways a dead heart can beat anew.


So, I wrote a fantasy romance…

When I’m about to release something new, there are undoubtedly expectations you hope are met. I get it. I’m an avid reader myself.
But after trying to digest that for so long, too long, I discovered that fitting myself into a nice little box just because I feared stepping out of it was not only wrong, it was a stupid lie.
For what you can expect from me will likely be found in any story I write—regardless of the genre. If it contains romance then say absolutely no more.
It’s all there.
Everything I love to write, only done in a completely new, exciting, stakes are raised so much higher way. The word impossible cannot reach within a romance told inside a world with no modern parameters. Everything and anything is possible.
So come on in, I urge and dare you to at least take a peek at this intense, heart snatching, gritty and sometimes dark, romance riddled adventure.

Oh, just FYI… it’s most certainly written for adults. I’ve been told this is my steamiest book yet. 😉

All my love,

Ella xx

Ella’s words are lyrical as they wrap around you and pull you into this world full of intrigue, lies, love, lust and power. I love fantasy reads and this one easily slid right up there with Sarah J. Maas for me. – Aundi, Musings of the Modern Belle 




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