BLURB: Dashiell Thane wasn’t a nice guy. He was an abrasive, demanding, conniving, intolerable brat.  Yet somehow, we’d been best friends our whole lives.  Until our senior year when I finally decided to dip my toes into the dating pool.  All it took was one kiss for jealousy, lies, and betrayal to sweep in and […]


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The cool breeze kissed my cheeks and unfurled my hair but did nothing to dry the stinging pools of fear that had welled in my eyes. Shining bright, but not bright enough, the half-moon mocked me from where it sat pressed into the deep, dark sky. Even the stars had abandoned me, winking out of […]

Pretty Venom is HERE!

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  BLURB: Callum Welsh perfected the art of hating me when we were two kids who believed we’d be forced into marriage. He thought I wanted it, but my only wish had been for him to leave me alone. Then one afternoon, he stole my first kiss. Despite all he’d done, everything changed after that. […]